Secretary Desk

Man is the most developed and advanced specie of where. Those which have not been able to adjust with where, have become extinct we moved from stone- age to space age only through the process of continuous change. Change is the only unchanging factor of changing society.

Man has undergone a systematic process of development and adoption continuously.


Pinning our faith in what Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India said, "The main object of education, in my opinion, is the establishment of two fold harmony, i.e. individual harmony within one self and harmony with other living - being in the hole world", We strive to promote author harmony.

In the arena of education, the position of the school is drop in the ocean. Steal it is contributing in its humble way, to serve the society through the students of the school. We strive to promote the students in this direction through our sincere efforts mingled with proper guidance and careful nourishment. We do not shirk in our duty to impart appropriate in-perts to help them to achieve higher goals in life in various fields including academics and dedicated commitment to perfection.

We are confident of the capability of our teachers and staff to serve the defined objectives set for the school. Their efforts will equip the students for better results not only at the school examinations but to usher in overall improvement in quality of life.

It is, with this and in new, I invite the students to join our school and help us in our pion endeavour for a better tomorrow. I convey my best wishes to all those who share our values of education.With best wishes


M. M. Singh